Going out on your own is NO joke!

I’ve been helping brands create, expand, reinvent, and refine themselves in the social media marketing space since 2012 and in February of this year, a friend gave me the push I needed to try and create my own brand, my social media brand. It was scary and intimidating, daunting at times, but also wildly exciting and everything I expected as well as everything I did not!

I’ve never been the 9-5 desk job kind of gal. I love adventure, and to be outdoors, and when the mountains are calling, I want to go! So the need for flexibility to have the work life balance we all seek, means working from coffee shops, in a van by the crag, in a corner at Miguel’s Pizza in the Red River Gorge, or out on the trail. Just like my daughter can’t keep her room clean, I can’t be tied down to a desk, I need to be mobile!

So I did it, I jumped! I spent months doing what I thought I should be doing; building a website, creating social media pages, writing and then deleting blog posts, creating processes, phoning a friend when I got stuck, looking at other social media marketer’s pages, and sitting and staring at my computer for hours and hours and hours. This is not what I wanted. I wanted to help people. I wanted to help businesses. I wanted to be a voice….And then I got a call, someone wanted me to help them! Hallelujah! So I stopped working on website and I stopped building my pages, and I stopped staring at my computer and I started helping.

It felt so good to be back doing the part that I liked; helping a business find their voice, helping them spread their message, helping them be seen online! So why was this so hard for me to do for my own business? How was I going to keep this going if I didn’t do this for myself? I wasn’t…So now, I’m jumping again. I’m writing my first blog post, finishing my website, creating social media pages, email lists, and all that jazz. And I gotta tell you, its pretty cool!

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