6 Small Brands Making a BIG Impact

The outdoor industry is growing exponentially, with new brands popping up all the time, but these 6 brands set themselves apart not only because of their superior product or services, but because they are giving back in a big way!

   tension-logo Tension Climbing – Friends Will Anglin and Ben Spannuth took their 30+ years of climbing experience and created the awesome hold company, Tension Climbing. Each hold is handcrafted in Colorado with carefully selected, locally sourced, American hardwoods. They use a non-toxic, chemical free process for finishing, and donate $1 of every purchase towards global reforestation through the non-profit One Tree Planted. As if that isn’t enough to love them, try training on their holds. The smooth finish on each hold makes you rely on body tension while you’re climbing, making you a more efficient and stronger climber. We love these holds because they don’t tear your skin apart when you’re training, and they make you rely on good technique rather than brute strength to get up the wall. Follow them on Social https://www.facebook.com/Tension-Climbing @tensionclimbing (IG) and check out their goods here http://www.tensionclimbing.com


beast-fingers-logo Beast Fingers Climbing – Designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado, Beast Fingers has created an awesome on-the-go training tool. The Grippūl is the original climbing hold isolator. You can connect any type of climbing hold to it with some slings and hang from anywhere. You can even attach it to a cable pull machine at your gym to add weight. The Grippūl was designed to help build and maintain finger, hand, and grip strength, imperative skills needed to improve your climbing. We love Beast Fingers because it allows you to take your training anywhere and for the support they give to athletes in all climbing communities. Follow them on Social https://www.facebook.com/beastfingers/, @beastfingersclimbing, @beast_fingers and check out their goods here http://beastfingersclimbing.com


kush-logo KUSH – KUSH Climbing is owned and operated out of Colorado. They create lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly rock climbing equipment by hand! Using recycled and low impact materials in all their products while teaming up with artists from all over the world to curate unique and inspiring designs. They create awesome crash pads, fanny packs, and more. Not to mention they also give back 1% to our planet and 2% to nonprofits selected by their customers and athletes! We love this company because of their commitment to the environment and sustainability, as well as their charitable nature plus their products are innovative, inspiring and stand the test of time! Follow them on social https://www.facebook.com/KushClimbing/ @KushClimbing on IG, and get in touch to create your goods here http://www.kushclimbing.com


dmg-logo Denver Mountain Guiding – Denver Mountain Guiding is owned and operated out of Golden Colorado. They provide a superior mountain experience for those interested in pushing their limits on real rock. They also have amazing summer camps for youth that teaches safety and proper techniques when climbing outside, while building friendships and enjoying the outdoors. Their guides are hand selected to ensure they are qualified to safely guide you and give you an experience you’ll never forget. We love this company because of their dedication to the perseverance of the outdoors, as well as their ability to create a memorable outdoor experience for any level. Follow them on social https://www.facebook.com/DenverMountainGuiding/ @denvermountainguiding (IG) and check out their website to book your next adventure www.denvermountainguiding.com


friction-labs-logo Friction Labs  – Denver based chalk company, Friction Labs makes the best chalk. It is the purest, longest-lasting chalk on the market. They source the best ingredients from all over the world and process it locally in Denver, Colorado. They are changing the game for your hands. We love them because they are simply the best. As a climber your hands are one of your biggest assets and you need to keep them healthy, Friction Labs uses pure ingredients to make the most superior chalk on the market. They also support many athletes from Amateurs to Pros. Follow them on social www.facebook.com/FrictionLabs and @frictionlabs (IG) and check out their goods at www.frictionlabs.com


himali-logo Himali – Himali designs and produces outerwear made to stand up to the highest demands on the planet. The Boulder based outdoor clothing company is made up of David Schaeffer and Tendi Sherpa. They stand to take action for schools and safe water in Nepal. A portion of proceeds are invested into the Himalayan region, particularly by supporting schools and also by fueling initiatives that provide clean water. We love them because they make incredible gear made for any adventure your heart desires and for their commitment to supporting education and clean water to a community in need. Follow them on social www.facebook.com/himalilife, @himali (IG) and check out their goods at http://himalilife.com  

Brands like these inspire us to give back as well. That is why we are proud members of the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA), a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening public lands protections by amplifying the presence of business voices. COBA unites outdoor recreation businesses and businesses who love the outdoors around the state to build a consistent, sustained, and notable advocacy presence for this emerging economy. We pledge to donate 1% of our sales to COBA in 2017. To find out how you can support COBA go to http://conservationco.org/business-alliance/

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