Why should you hire an Expert?

How do I increase web traffic? How do I get more followers? How do I increase engagement? How do I sell more? These are all thoughts small to mid-sized business owners have when it comes to their social media presence. It used to be that your business would just grow by reputation, and then marketing came into play, and now social media is putting a whole new spin on “word of mouth” growth. Social Media is one of the first places customers go to when researching a new business, so if you don’t have a strong presence then you might be sending the wrong message.


Many people think they can just hire an intern to do the job, or they can handle it themselves, or they want to bring it in-house and create a new position for it, but in reality, these avenues often lead to a more costly and less effective method of Social Media Management. An intern can likely do so social media posts for you, maybe even a little blogging, but they won’t know how to build a strategy specific to your brand and your brands goals, so most of their efforts will fall somewhat “flat”. Some business owners are really great at telling their brand’s story, but often times when they try to take on the social media for their company, they find they don’t have the time needed to dedicate to a full-blown social media strategy. When you add up the costs of a new position and the benefits for that individual they generally always come out higher than what it will cost your company to hire an outside expert.


So what’s the solution? Hire an outside social media expert, it will be efficient and cost-effective for your company.


Social media experts:

  • Stay on top of changing trends
  • They know how to use Keywords to boost SEO
  • They build a Strategy – how many posts? When to post? What type of posts? Etc
  • They know how to use Ad platforms, what type of ads you need to run, how to read the analytics of these ads to ensure consistent increases, where to run the ads, and what your budget should be
  • They know how to reach your target market,  which platforms your target audience is on, when they are on, and what types of posts they will engage with
  • They know how to use google analytics
  • They know how to copywrite. What type of language to use to speak to your audience
  • They know how to help your brand maintain authenticity
  • They know how to maintaining engagement with your audience
  • They know how to build your influencer audience
  • They know how to analyze your conversion pixels and adjust strategy based on those results


All of these things, and so much more. Learning all of these things takes a lot of time, and with new platforms and features popping up everyday, it’s hard to do all of that while completing your other tasks, and keep up to date with all the new add ons. When you hire a social media expert, you are hiring someone with all of these skills and the dedicated time your business deserves.


If you’re looking for a social media expert to help your business grow shoot me an email at janell@firstascentsocialmarketing.com or fill out my contact form on the Contact Us page.

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