I’ve been helping brands create, expand, reinvent, and refine themselves in the social media marketing space since 2012 and in February of this year, a friend gave me the push I needed to try and create my own brand, my social media brand. It was scary and intimidating, daunting at times, but also wildly exciting and everything I expected as well as everything I did not!

I’ve never been the 9-5 desk job kind of gal. I love adventure, and to be outdoors, and when the mountains are calling, I want to go! So the need for flexibility to have the work life balance we all seek, means working from coffee shops, in a van by the crag, in a corner at Miguel’s Pizza in the Red River Gorge, or out on the trail. Just like my daughter can’t keep her room clean, I can’t be tied down to a desk, I need to be mobile!

So I did it, I jumped! I spent months doing what I thought I should be doing; building a website, creating social media pages, writing and then deleting blog posts, creating processes, phoning a friend when I got stuck, looking at other social media marketer’s pages, and sitting and staring at my computer for hours and hours and hours. This is not what I wanted. I wanted to help people. I wanted to help businesses. I wanted to be a voice….And then I got a call, someone wanted me to help them! Hallelujah! So I stopped working on website and I stopped building my pages, and I stopped staring at my computer and I started helping.

It felt so good to be back doing the part that I liked; helping a business find their voice, helping them spread their message, helping them be seen online! So why was this so hard for me to do for my own business? How was I going to keep this going if I didn’t do this for myself? I wasn’t…So now, I’m jumping again. I’m writing my first blog post, finishing my website, creating social media pages, email lists, and all that jazz. And I gotta tell you, its pretty cool!

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