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Social media can be a powerful tool in your business growth and marketing strategy, but it has to be done well to provide successful results. In my last blog post I discussed how to stretch your advertising budget with social media, how to find your audience over age 25, and more. Here are some more of the biggest myths and mistakes to be aware of when utilizing social media for your business…. Read More

How do I increase web traffic? How do I get more followers? How do I increase engagement? How do I sell more? These are all thoughts small to mid-sized business owners have when it comes to their social media presence. It used to be that your business would just grow by reputation, and then marketing came into play, and now social media is putting a whole new spin on “word of mouth”… Read More

A hashtag is used to label your content to make it more searchable and discoverable upon social media sites, but should you use it on all your social media sites? Hashtags were originally created for Twitter and were used in place of words in your 140 character tweet. However since then they have spread across many other social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, etc. It is a great way to potentially reach… Read More